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- Full access to all of our FearlessCon events the weekend of September 29-30th, 2018

- Over 10 workshop sessions that will inspire you to get the ball rolling on your business

- Multiple panel sessions and keynote speeches to expand your mind and equip you to head out into the world and make a positive change for all women

- Admission to the happy hour on Sunday night with an open bar and apps

- A goodie bag full of gifts you’re gonna love

- Snacks, coffee and refreshing drinks to keep you hydrated and full throughout the conference

....and more!


Conferences can be draining, but FearlessCon GAVE so much energy. It was magical being surrounded by so many fun, intelligent, curious and ambitious women. This is the place to be if you're looking for great ideas, inspiration and/or support! - Jess Herbine


Attending FearlessCon last fall catalyzed my recent involvement with Philly’s young female professionals community. It also framed my side-hustle mindset. In fact, since the conference, I've curated my personal brand, started my own blog and built my own website. - Rachel Waxman


I was honored to be both a speaker and attendee and would highly encourage you to attend! I've attended quite a few conferences either centered around women or courage and none hold a candle to the Fearless Conference. I laughed, I learned, I was inspired and I left with so many new friends. - Lizzy Okoro


I had a phenomenal experience at Fearless Philly. The conference elevated my work and personal brand to a new level and through it, I have made lasting connections that I still keep in touch with.  - Mary Thibault