The Story Behind FearlessCon 

FearlessCon, or The Fearless Conference, is the brainchild of Melissa Alam, a first-generation Bangladeshi-American and multi-passionate entrepreneur based out of Philadelphia. After seeing a void in the city when it came to resources, events and spaces for diverse, millennial women in Philadelphia, she knew something had to change. Her first project was launching Femme & Fortune in 2013 as a digital platform and community for ambitious women around the country. A year later, she created Philadelphia's first co-working space for women called The Hive in 2014. Even though The Hive closed shop after 18 fun months, Melissa was able to launch FearlessCon within that space to provide women and non-binary people a weekend full of empowerment, inspiration and connection. FearlessCon is now in it's fourth year and is ready to continue providing the tools, resources and connections needed to create more fearless women here not only here in Philadelphia but also globally. Keep scrolling to view the progression and growth of FearlessCon over the years!

Check out our Video Recaps from previous years!

The Experience 

From our business development and entrepreneurship workshops to our discussions on the current state/struggles of women in and out of the workplace, FearlessCon provides attendees an interactive experience they’ll remember for years to come. They leave with a renewed sense of self-confidence, a team of women to support them on their journey, and strategies to take their career to the next level. We curate top speakers and panelists (such as Miki Agrawal of THINX and Amanda Steinberg of Daily Worth), and partner with various brands to provide attendees with a conference experience they've never had and that they'll forget. Add in delicious food and snacks, a marketplace full of female makers, hair and makeup touchups throughout the day, professional headshots and a goody bag full of exciting boss-lady products, and you've got the event of the year for the ambitious, millennial woman.